Welcome to Casino Database & Host Analytics (CDA) – the first of a comprehensive suite of analytics offered by M2G Analytics


Data Visualization 


Our dashboards provide a consolidated view of Player & Host data in real-time, offering individual drill-down capabilities and reporting on a daily, weekly & monthly basis


Customized Performance Analytics

CDA uses proprietary algorithms to provide management with real-time built-in alerts that can be customized by users to flag jackpots, quick winners/losers, over-comping, free-play abuse, advantage players, etc.


Customer Value & Defector Probability

Provides real-time Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Defector Probability Intelligence (DPI) by player/host.  Also identifies high-value, non-hosted play to be targeted for immediate customer retention before loss of business.


Predictive Intelligence

Machine learning provides users with analytics and alerts that actually evolve over time based upon actual performance and customer experience & offers rolling 28-day forecasts of revenue through integration w/hotel data